Arya Vidyapeeth College

Arya Vidyapeeth College

Established on 29th July 1958, Arya Vidyapeeth College, is one of the beacons in the field of education in Assam, catering to the requirements of higher education and tapping the intellectual potential of the youth of the entire North East India.

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Transcend itself into a leading and pioneering institution in the society for imparting quality and value based education which would enable its alumni to face the ever dynamic challenges of time with courage, confidence, conviction and success.

From the Principal’s Desk

Message from Principal

Education is a movement that leads from darkness to light (Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya). And higher education is the key to transform a society. We, like William Butler Yeats, believe that Education is not the filling of a vessel but the lighting of a fire.

Nilmani Phookan Jr

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