International Mother Language Day Celebration

International Mother Language Day was celebrated at Arya Vidyapeeth College on 21st February with a day long programme. The programme was organised by Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college in collaboration with Pandit Giridhar Sharma Memorial Trust. To mark the occasion, a speech competition in Assamese was organised among school students under two catagories.The competition was well received and saw as many as 58 participants. The main aim of Speech competition was to promote and popularise mother language among youth students. The winners of the respective categories were given away cash prizes along with certificates and mementoes. The main lecture on the occasion of International Mother Language Day celebration was delivered by eminent scholar Prof. Nagen Saikia. Prof. Saikia emphasised on the importance and necessity of Mother language in his lecture. In the face of the aggression of foreign language (parricularly English) in a globaliser era, mother languages are on the verge of extinction. The concerned societies must remain vigilant and refrain from unnecessary interpolation and Code -Switching which have the potential to kill the essence and beauty of Mother Language. Prof. Saikia also hailed the initiative of the college in organising International Mother language Day in a grand scale. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Girish Chandra Sarmah, president G.B and the welcome address was delivered by Dr. Pradip Kr. Bhattacharyya, Principal of the college.

In the evening the students of Arya Vidyapeeth College staged the famous play “Karengar Ligiri” by Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala.The play was directed by Dr. Gitanjali Hazarika and Debapratim Borah.Dr. Archana Pujari was the overall coordinator of the International Mother Language Day Celebration.


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