Webinar on “Swachh Bharat Hamara Sankalp”

The webinar on “Swachh Bharat Hamara Sankalp” was organized Central Library and 60 Assam Girl’s BN NCC, Arya Vidyapeeth College, Guwahati on 11th November 2020 at 3 pm. The programme was inaugurated by Lt. Dr. Ajay Das, ANO, 1 Assam BN NCC, Arya Vidyapeeth College. A total number of 209 participants have registered from all over India. The webinar was held on Google meet platform. The programme started as per schedule. The Resource Person of the webinar Dr. Achyut Sarma, Associate Professor, Department of Hindi, Gauhati University talked about the importance of cleanliness in students’ life and advised to follow cleaning and hygiene tips to protect against covid 19 and other diseases.try to create awareness about cleanliness among students. The practical and interactive approach adopted for the programme and various case studies was highly appreciated by the participants. The talk was followed by a lively interactive session where the students and the teachers actively participated. The talk came to an end with a vote of thanks by Convener of the webinar Dr. Dalimi Devi.


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Webinar on “Swachh Bharat Hamara Sankalp”
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