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‘Oikonomika’ the first departmental e-magazine, a budding plant flourishing into a self-contending tree grounding and solidifying the future economists. The editorial board has always been the best and the most creative material for the e-magazine. We were overwhelmed by the humongous response by the students and esteemed professors with their drafts.

As the editors, we would say that the entire process of making this e- magazine has been enriching experience. Writing is an act of reacting to the environment around us. An expression is a basic instinct of thoughtful mind and the act of writing is one of the fountain head of ideas that springs into poems, articles or any form of art. The writing comes to life when it meets its reader. This departmental magazine showcases the literary expressions, social awareness and recognition to all the readers in the academic and extracurricular activities, strengthens the internal bonding among teachers and students just like a family.

We tried our best to accommodate all the deserving articles and poems in the departmental E -magazine and hope the first edition of ‘oikonomika’ will set the bar higher with interesting materials which will certainly astonish the readers. We shall be delighted to receive your valuable feedback.


With Regards,

Deepanjana Das (3rd Semester)
Sharmishtha Bhattacharjee (5thSemester)

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