Celebration of “World Environment Day 2022”

World Environment Day 2022

Celebration of “the World Environment Day 2022” by College Environment and Climate Cell (Catalysed by ASTEC, Govt. of Assam)

The World Environment Day 2022, 5th June was celebrated by the College Environment and Climate Cell of Arya Vidyapeeth College at the Girls’ Hostel’s Premises of the college. The program was organised on the theme “Only One Earth” which is the campaign slogan of this year’s World Environment Day hosted by Sweden. The program started with a brief Awareness meeting to spread the importance of conserving planet Earth, which is our only true home. The Principal of the college, Dr. Pradip Kumar Bhattacharyya spoke about the significance of tree plantation for preserving biodiversity and climate control beside providing the basic needs of life on Earth.

Dr. Pradip Kumar Bhattacharyya inaugurated the Plantation Drive by planting a Guava sapling at the Girls’ Hostel’s premises. The program continued with plantation of other Tropical Fruits’ saplings such as Mango, Banana, Coffee plum (Poniol), Hog plum (Amra), Java plum (Kala jamun), Pomelo (Robab tenga) by Faculty members and students of the college. Saplings of Tulsi and Narasingha are also planted. All together more than Fifteen saplings had been planted.

The program followed by an “On the Spot Writing Competition” on the Theme of the Day among the students.


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