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Arya Vidyapeeth College has a full-fledged IGNOU Study Centre (Centre Code-04177) under the Guwahati Regional Centre (Code-04) of IGNOU. The Study Centre supports the academic requisites of programmes right from P.G. to Certificate level. The study centre offers the following programmes:

1BDP (Bachelor Degree Programme- Commerce)
2CFE (Functional English – Basic Level)
3CES (Certificate in Environmental Studies)
4CHR (Certificate in Human Rights)
5CFL (Certificate In French Language)
6DCE (Diploma in Creative Writing in English)
7CTPM (Certificate Programme in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics)
8CIT (Certificate in Information Technology)
9DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications)
10CFN (Certificate In Food And Nutrition)
11CDM (Certificate in Disaster Management)
12MAH (Master of Arts in History)
13MEC (Master of Arts in Economics)
14MPS (Master of Arts inPolitical Science)
15PGDAC (Post graduate diploma in Analytical Chemistry)
16PGDDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management)
17PGDESD (Post-Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development)
18MAAN (Master of Arts in Anthropology)

These courses have been structured by National Experts keeping in mind the scope of development of a learner and bringing parity in the learners’ community of the nation as a whole. The best feature of this package is that a student can acquire these degrees/ diplomas/ certificates within the time frame of his/ her pursuing the regular degree classes. Even working persons, housewives, businessmen, NGO workers can benefit from these courses.

Dr. Rupmala Barman, Department of Education is the Coordinator of the centre.

For any further information click IGNOU website: www.ignou.ac.in