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College life is one of the most adorable moments in the life of any educated person. We consider ourselves quite fortunate that we had some parts of our college education in this Arya Vidyapeeth College, a  reputed college of the entire North East India since long past. The ARYAN ALUMNI  ASSOCIATION  (ARYAA) was formed in the year  2002  with all ex-students of the college as its members. The association is registered under Govt. of Assam. It has a written CONSTITUTION with aims, objectives and all rules and regulations to be followed by its members.

Aims & Objectives

In the constitution of the ARYAN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, twenty aims and objectives are mentioned out of which we want to highlight the following few :

  • To collect, raise funds for the college from different agencies to strengthen the economic condition of the college.
  • To make a close co-ordination with the college authority.
  • To focus on programmes that aims towards the development of the college.
  • To promote such activities that encourage the development of potentials and talents of the students.
  • To help the authority in providing financial helps to students of merit who comes from weak socio-economic status and also to the differently abled students.
  • To arrange seminar, workshop etc. on progressive and important topics which can help the students in their all round development so that they can take their part in ‘nation building’.
  • To make programmes for counselling on career guidance.
  • To undertake some social service schemes like flood relief camps, health camps etc.

Members of this association are participating in the process of  ‘nation building’ by rendering their sincere and dedicated service by working  in different places all over the state /country and occupying high positions in different fields, viz. Legislative, Judiciary, Administrative, Academic, Scientific, Cultural, Journalism, Business and so on.

We want to mention a few them:

Members of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

  • Kumar Deepak Das (Ex-MP, Rajya Sabha)
  • Mr. Dwijen Sarma (Ex-MP, Rajya Sabha)
  • Dr. Jayshree Goswami Mahanta (Ex-MP, Rajya Sabha)
  • Ramen Deka (Present MP of Loka Sabha)

Legal Luminaries

  • Biplab Kr. Sarma (Retd. High Court Judge)
  • Chitta Ranjan Sarma (Retd. High Court Judge)
  • Mr. Krishna Mahanta (Addl. Adv. General to the Govt. of Assam)
  • Mr. Ram Saikia, (Ex- President, Bar Council of Assam and at present senior advocate of Gauhati High Court)
  • Mr. Suren Sarma (Senior advocate of Gauhati High Court)


  • Kandarpa Kr. Deka (Former Vice Chancellor of Dibrugarh University and  Srimanta Sankardev University)
  • Prof. Nabin Sarma (Ex-HOD of Folk Lore Dept. of GU)
  • Prof. B. C. Kalita (Ex- HOD of Maths. Dept. of GU and at present an Emeritus Fellow of UGC at GU)
  • Prof. M. C. Kalita (Ex- HOD of Bio Tec Dept. of GU)
  • Prof. Bapukan Choudhury (Ex- HOD of Anthropology Dept. of GU),
  • Prof. N. R. Das (Ex-HOD of Maths. Dept. of GU)
  • Prof. T. K. Dutta (Ex-HOD of Maths. Dept. of GU)
  • Prof. A. Bhagawati (Ex-HOD of Geography Dept. of GU)
  • Dr. Dilowar Hussain, Retd. Director of Higher Education, Assam
  • Dr. Ramani Barman (Joint Registrar, GU)


  • Som Nath Sarma, Retd. Director of Geological Survey of India (Assam Br)
  • Dr. Sadananda Choudhury (Retired Director of CSIR’s Regional Research Laboratory)
  • Dr. Rajendra Kr. Adhikari (Principal Scientist of CSIR’s Regional Research Laboratory)


  • Bhupen Das (Deputy Suptd. Of Gauhati Medical College)
  • Dr. Kanak Talukdar
  • Dr. Darpa Ram Kalita


  • Kalyan Das (Associate Professor of Assam Engineering College)
  • Dr. Satyajit Paul (Associate Professor of Assam Engineering College)
  • Mr. Nur-mahammad Ali, Superintendent Engineer
  • Mr. Dhruba Deka, Executive Engineer
  • Mr. Sanjib Das, Managing Director of Solid Waste Management Board
  • Mr. Gajen Deka (District officer of DRDA)
  • Mr. Tirtha Sarma (Asst. Executive Engineer in Nalbari)
  • Mr. Ramen Chakravartty


  • Ramcharan Bharali (Retd. Principal of Dimoria College)
  • Dr. Dinesh Baishya (Retd. Principal of B. Barooah College, Guwahati)
  • Dr. Altafur Rahman (Retd. Principal of Jagiroad College)
  • Dr. Sarat Borkotoky (Present Principal of Nagaon College)
  • Dr. Biman Bhattacharyya (Present Principal of Hojai College)
  • Dr. Ruma Bordoloi (Present Principal of NEF Academy)

Ex and present Ministers and MLA s of Assam Assembly and Mayor of GMC

  • Phani Bhusan Choudhury (6 times MLA of Assam Legislative Assembly and at present MLA of the ruling alliance)
  • Mr. Ramen Kalita (Ex-AGP Minister and present MLA of the ruling alliance)
  • Mr. Jagadish Bhuyan (Ex-AGP Minister)
  • Mr. Ranjit Das (Present speaker of the Assam Assembly)
  • Mr. Shiladitya Deb (Present MLA of the ruling alliance)
  • Mr. Pranab Kalita (Present MLA of the ruling alliance)
  • Mr. Piyush Hazarika (Present MLA of the ruling alliance)
  • Mr. Binanda Saikia (Present MLA of the ruling alliance)
  • Mr. Mrinal Saikia (Present MLA of the ruling alliance)
  • Mr. Debabrata Saikia (present opposition leader of Assam Assembly)
  • Ms. Gul Akhtar Begum (Ex- MLA of Assam Legislative Assembly)
  • Mr. Abir Patra, Ex- Mayor of Guwahati Municipal Corporation

Government Officials

  • Mr. Biren Dutta, IAS, Retd. Chief Election Commissioner of Assam
  • Mr. Sashadhar Nath (Retired IAS officer)
  • Mr. Tapan Sarma, (IAS and Director of Personal dept. to the Govt. of Assam)
  • Mr. Prafulla Saikia (CMD of NEDFI)
  • Mr. Ishwar Prasanna Phukan, (Ex-MD cum Chief Engineer of NEEPCO)
  • Mr. Bibekananda Choudhury (Present Deputy Commissioner of Kokrajhar District)
  • Mr. Ashok Barman (Present Deputy Commissioner of Darang District)
  • Mr. Debajit Hazarika, (at present S. P of NIA i.e. National Investigating Agency)
  • Mr. Jibon Singh (Retired Suptd. Of Police)
  • Mr. Bibek Das (at present S. P)
  • Mr. Gunen Deka, (Addl. S.P of Jorhat)
  • Mr. Gautam Das (Present District Transport officer of Guwahati)

Cultural luminaries (Singers/Actors/Dancers/Writers etc.)

  • Seema Biswas (Actress who got the National Award as best actress for the film ‘Bandit Queen’, also Sangit Natak Academy award winner and was also awarded Genie award of Canada for the movie ‘Water’)
  • Mr. Henry David Teron who successfully climbed the Mount Everest
  • Mr. Dinesh Das, Actor and Retd. Director of Akash Bani, Guwahati
  • Dr. Joy Kanta Sarma, eminent writer
  • Dr. Bhupendra Narayan Bhattacharyya, eminent writer
  • Mr. Jitul Sonowal (Famous singer of Assam)
  • Mr. Baharul Islam (Actor)
  • Mr. Ravi Sarma (one of the most popular heroes of Assamese films )
  • Mr. Jadumoni Dutta (Actor who won the Rajat Kamal award)
  • Mr. Rajib Bhattacharyya (Actor and Director of Assamese films)
  • Mr. Sidhartha Mukherjee (Actor)
  • Mr. Robin Deka, (Actor)
  • Mr. Mahadev Deka (who was Mr. India and even Mr. Universe)

Media Persons

  • Pranoy Bordoloi, Chief News Editor of the popular TV channel Dy-365
  • Mr. Subodh Malla Baruah (Journalist of Dainik Assam, a popular Assamese daily)
  • Mr. Bedabrata Mishra (Journalist of Dainik Assam, a popular Assamese daily)

Business Entrepreneurs

  • Rupam Goswami ( Ex- President of Gauhati chamber of commerce and at present a state BJP’s spokes person)
  • Mr. Premchand Sharma who incidentally was also the best graduate of GU in the year 1992

Future Plans:

  1. We want to set up some ‘Alumni Clubs’ in some foreign countries for various noble purposes.
  2. We are planning to set up a ‘Health Centre’ inside the College campus for the benefits of the entire college community.
  3. We are planning to establish an ‘Educational Trust’ for guiding and helping the current students for different national level competitive examinations and also for higher study in foreign countries.

Concluding Remarks: 

The Arya Vidyapeeth College was established in the year 1958 in the present location which was a marshy land at that time. It was through the untiring effort, ‘iron-will’, dedication, devotion of Late Giridhar Sarma and the ‘supporting hand’ of a handful of his friends and well wishers that the college came in to existence. Today, on this special occasion we bow our heads with sincere gratitude to those great noble souls.

The college is making progress every year in a positive direction making significant contributions to the academic and other fields of the state in particular and the country in general and we are extremely happy for it. Under the dynamic leadership of the present Principal, the college is making big strides towards making itself a very good academic institution for the future students.

At the same time, we feel that hundred percent attainment of a ‘highest goal’ is never possible and there is always ‘room for improvement’ in any existing situation, however good that may be. So, we will have to keep our continuous and sincere effort for continuous betterment of the academic scenario and overall improvement of this college as our forefathers, the ancient Indian Rishi-Munis taught us long back-

Charanvai madhu vindati, charantsvadu mudumbaram

Suryashya pashya shremanam, yo na tandrayate charan,

Charaivati, charaivati

The meaning of the above Sanskrit sloka mentioned in Aitareya Brahmanam is :

(Bees) Find honey on wandering, (Birds) find Udumbara fruit (a tasty fruit) on moving. Look at the eminence of the Sun, who (Sun) never sleeps and keeps on moving. So, Move on, Move on.