Arya Vidyapeeth College
NAAC Accredition Phone+91 - 361 - 2474065

Members Of IQAC

  • Dr. Pradip Kr. Bhattacharyya, Chairperson, Principal
  • Dr. Gitanjali Hazarika, Co-Ordinator, Department Of Assamese


  • Dr. Hemanta Kr. Sharma, Educationist
  • Prof. Girish Sharma, Allumni

Teaching Staff

  • Dr. Mousumi Bora, Department of Economics
  • Dr. Rahul S. Mazumdar, Department of History
  • Dr. Biren Das, Department of Mathematics
  • Dr. Manab Deka, Department of Statistics
  • Mr. Birenchi Kumar Pegu, Department of English
  • Ms. Rangina Narzary, Department of English
  • Dr. Niva Rani Devi, Department of Geology
  • Dr. Ditee Moni Borua, Department of History
  • Mr. Chanchal Boruah, Department of Mathematics

Non-Teaching Staff

  • Dr. Dalimi Devi (Member from Library, Arya Vidyapeeth College)
  • Mr. Dimbeswar Das (Office Staff)

Best Practices

  • Promotion of Culture and Harmony through Performing Art

    The College organises various cultural programmes and workshops where students and teachers participate wholeheartedly. Eminent artistes and scholars working on culture are invited to enlighten our students and teachers. A few among them are Sitarani Hazarika, Sharodi Saikia, Dr. Mirnanda Barthakur, Dr. Mallika Kandali, Satradhikar Nani Gopal Deva Goswami and Satradhikar Brindaban Goswami. Besides, the students and teachers engage in various informal discussions on socio-cultural issues from time to time. Programmes like dancing, singing, recitation, drama. Bhaona and Rasa, a theatrical art form created by Mahapurusha Srimata Sankardeva, an Assamese saint and philosopher is regularly performed in the college giving a platform to all the members of the college to  exhibit their cultural skills and to enhance consciousness etc. Two Bhaonas have been performed by the students and teachers of the institution till date. During the closing ceremony of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the college Sri Sri Krishnar Sampurna Raas Leela was performed by our students and teachers. The famous Badungduppa Theatre group from Assam was also invited to stage a play in the Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

    The goals of the practice are:
    • To popularise classical and folk art and culture.
    • To engage students in productive and creative activities.
    • To motivate students to strengthen their roots in a globalised world.
    • To encourage faith in pluralism.
    • To develop friendly and humane relation between students and teachers.
    • To develop a spirit of teamwork and leadership skill among students.
    • To encourage the appreciation of aesthetics of art forms amongst the students

    The college celebrates the International Mother Language Day every year with great enthusiasm. A no. of activities are organized to promote mother language and cultural harmony. Inter-School extempore speech competition, lectures, street plays and production and performances of stage plays by the students, alumni and faculty members of the institute form an integral part of this annual celebration. Renowned writer and academician Dr. Nagen Saikia delivered a lecture on the “Importance of Mother Language” in 2019. Karengar Ligiri, a play by the eminent Assamese writer Jyotiprashad Agarwala was performed by the students and alumni in the college auditorium. The practice has become an integral part of our teaching- learning process.

  • Institutional Research Grant

    The IQAC of the college suggested the authority for providing Institutional Research Grant to faculties for enhancing the academic and research activities in the institution. Following this suggestion the principal of the college placed it to the Governing Body for approval. The Governing Body approved the same and allotted an amount of Rs. Five Lacs per annum.

    The Goals of the Practice are:
    • To give momentum to research activities
    • To contribute in knowledge formation
    • To encourage faculty members to pursue research activities
    • To highlight issues/problems particular to the region

    The responsibility to carry out this programme is entrusted to the Academic and Research Cell of the college. The cell invites proposals from the faculty members of the college and after careful scrutiny of the proposals the college issues the grant to four nos. of faculties each from the Arts and Science streams annually.  The research activity is to be completed within a span of one year.



  • 18th May 2020

    An online IQAC meeting was convened by the Principal on 18.05.2020 at 8.30 pm to discuss and develop strategies to continue academic activities amidst the Covid-19 pandemic which has adversely affected the traditional classroom teaching.

    The agenda of the meeting are as follows:
    • Plan academic programme in the present scenario
    • To develop e-repository of learning resources for students
    • To upload the academic profile of the faculty members
    • Admission procedure
    • Internal evaluation/ sessional examination/project
    • To prepare report on initiatives undertaken by the IQAC during lockdown period
    The following resolutions were taken in the meeting:

    1. The committee unanimously resolved to create an e-repository of learning resources for both honours and regular courses and upload it in the college website to make learning material available to students residing in remote areas. A committee comprising of Dr. Gitanjali Hazarika as the Convener and Dr. Diteemoni Borua and Dr. Dalimi Devi as members was formed to plan out the video recording of classes for the odd semester in consultation with HODs. The recording process is to commence from the 1st week of June.
    2. All the faculty members are to submit their updated academic profile on or before 31.05.2020. A request has been made by the Principal in this regard.
    3. Admission in the new academic session is to be conducted online. Two faculty members, Dr. Bhupali Sharma from the Science stream and Dr. Diteemoni Borua from the Arts are in-charge of the admission process.
    4. Pending projects/practicals may be literature based considering the present scenario. A discussion on the same is to be held in the HODs meeting.
    5. A report on the initiatives undertaken by the IQAC during lockdown period is to be prepared by Rongina Narzary in consultation with the Principal.
  • 23rd May 2020

    An online IQAC meeting was held on 23.05.2020 to discuss the following agenda:
    • E-workshop on “Online Teaching-Learning Aids” to be organized by the IQAC
    • Any other matter
    The following resolutions were taken in the meeting:

    1. A three days e-workshop/webinar on “Online Teaching-Learning Aids” is to be organized by the IQAC in the last week of May, 2020.
    2. An organizing committee was constituted for the same with the following members:
    • Dr. Dalimi Devi (Coordinator)
    • Dr. Niva Rani Devi
    • Ms. Rongina Narzary
    • Mr. Chanchal Boruah
  • 19th June 2020

    An online meeting of the IQAC was convened by the Principal on 19.06.2020 at 7.45 pm to discuss the following agenda:

    1. A weeklong e-workshop/FDP programme to be organized by the IQAC
    2. Departmental Input and Academic Audit (2019-2020)
    3. Preparation and submission of AQAR (2019-2020)
    The following resolutions were taken in the meeting:

    1. The cell resolved to organize a weeklong collaborative FDP (40 hrs) with other educational institution/university. A committee was formed to work out the details of the same with the following members:
      1. Dr Mousumi Borah (Convener)
      2. Birenchi Pegu ( Asst. Convener)
      3. Dalimi Devi ( Asst. Convener)
      4. Rongina Narzary (Member)
    2. The departmental inputs and academic audits for the session 2019-2020 are to be submitted by all the departments on or before 15.02020. Mr Chanchal Boruah is entrusted with the responsibility of preparing the layout of the input/audit.
    3. The AQAR for the session 2019-2020 is to be prepared and submitted by 15.08.2020. Dr. Manab Deka, Asst. Coordinator, IQAC is to oversee the process.

2018 - 2019

  • 9th October 2018

    1. Students feedback
    2. Inclusion of employers’ nominee in IQAC
    3. Any other matter.
    1. The students’ feedback to be conducted in the month of February, 2019. A discussion was held on the future mode of conducting the Students Feedback Process. It has been accepted that the students feedback will be conducted once annually (preferably in the month of February) instead of conducting it bi-annually.
    2. The students’ feedback shall be conducted online and Dr. Manab Deka is entrusted with the responsibilities of initiating the process.
    3. Chinmoyee Talukdar, Deputy Director, Directorate of Higher Education, Govt. of Assam has been included as nominee of the employer in the IQAC.
    4. A notice will be circulated immediately seeking inputs from the departments in connection with the AQAR, 2017-18
    5. A feasibility study in connection with conducting a vocational training for students shall be explored. Ms Rangina Narzary and Dr. Ditee Moni Baruah will explore the possibilities. The tentative period for conducting the training programme is February, 2019.
    6. A symposium on “How to prepare research proposals/projects” will be organised in the month of November, 2018 for both Arts and science stream separately. Dr. Anuradha Baroowa and Dr. Deepika Das will be the co-ordinators of the said symposia for Arts and Science stream respectively. The exact date shall be notified shortly. The budget for the symposia is fixed at Rs 3000/- (for each)
    7. In keeping with the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the IQAC has proposed to explore the possibilities of organising an International level talk/symposium/workshop on Gandhi.
  • 21st November 2018

    1. Programme on Gandhian concept
    2. Any other matter
    1. The IQAC resolved to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by organising of Mahatma Gandhi by organising an International Level Talk on Gandhi. A working Committee is to be formed to formulate the plan. Dr Diteemoni Baruah will be the Convener of the same.
    2. A discussion on the celebration of International Mother Language Day was held. The feasibility of organising an extempore speech competition in Assamese was discussed and Dr. Gitanjali Hazarika was entrusted with the responsibility of working out the plan.
    3. The IQAC resolved to assist Entrepreneurship Training Cell in organising a vocational training course in February, 2019.
    4. Entrepreneurship Training Cell needs to be activated as proposed by Dr. Hemanta Kumar Sharma
    5. Sound system to be purchased by the IQAC
    6. Annual feedback/report from clubs and cells to be collected.
  • 12th February 2019

    1. International Mother Language Day (IMLD) celebration on 21st February, 2019
    2. Students’ Feedback
    3. Any other matter.
    1. The IMLD celebration Sub-Committee was briefed of their various responsibilities for the smooth conduct of the programme
    2. Students’ feedback will be conducted online in the month of March.
  • 2nd March 2019

    Agenda: IQAC Meeting with the Neighbourhood
    1. Suggestion from the neighbourhood for the all-round development of the College.
    2. Miscellaneous
    Suggestions from the Neighbourhood:
    1. Members of the college neighbourhood expressed their desire to see the Arya fraternity School/ College united.
    2. Quality of students during admission needs to be enhanced.
    3. Movement of the students within college hours to be monitored.
    4. Teacher- Guardian Meet to be conducted regularly.
    5. Use of Mobile Phones to be restricted.
    6. Students to be kept occupied with various academic/ extra-curricular activities/ Competitions.
    7. College Field to be upgraded.
    8. Value based education to be incorporated.
    9. CCTV to be installed in front of the Boys Common Room.
  • 21st June 2019

    1. Workshop on CBCS.
    2. Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
    1. It is resolved to organise a workshop on CBCS on 27th June, 2019.
    2. The workshop will be organised for the faculty members.
    3. Dharmendra Nath, Principal, S. B. Deora College will be the resource person of the workshop.
    4. It is being proposed to invite Ms. Chinmoyee Talukdar, Deputy Director, DHE as Chief Guest for the workshop.
    5. A workshop on IPR will be organised on 26th June, 2019.
    Coordinator: Sanghamitra De.


/ News & Events

0ne Week Online National Workshop 2020

Course Objective Central Library and IQAC, Arya Vidyapeeth college organized a one week National Workshop on “Use of ICT Tools for Smart Teaching ” in collaboration with NPTI, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India from 27th July to 2nd August 2020.Teachers from Delhi University, Anna...

Admission Merit List

Please check the link below for Admission Merit List.

Faculty Development Programme on “E-Learning Platform”

Course Objective The objective of this course is to facilitate paperless communication between the students and teachers This course will enable participants to Learn Google Apps like Docs, Slides, Sheets, Classroom, Meet and Integration of Apps inside Classroom Learn and use LMS...

3 days E-Workshop and Webinar on “E-learning and use of online e-resources”

3 days e-Workshop and Webinar on e-learning and e-resources was organized by IQAC and Central Library of Arya Vidyapeeth college from 31st May to 2nd June 2020. The webinar held at Arya Vidyapeeth College was kick started by the Principal of the college, Dr Pradip Kumar...

Report on ICSSR-NERC sponsored National Workshop

Report on ICSSR-NERC sponsored National Workshop on Socio-cultural Perspective of Translation in Writings from Northeast India. The Literary Cell, Arya Vidyapeeth College, Guwahati, with support from Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college organized a weeklong...

ICSSR-NERC sponsored National Workshop

Literary Cell of Arya Vidyapeeth College with support from IQAC is organising a ICSSR-NERC sponsored National workshop on Socio-cultural Perspective of Translation in Writings from Northeast India during 21st-26th October, 2019.

Workshop on CBCS

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell organised a workshop on CBCS on 27th June 2019. Smt. Chinmoyee Talukdar, DDHE was the Chief Guest for the workshop. The Resource Person of the workshop was Dr.Dharmendra Nath.

Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell organised a day long workshop on Intellectual Property Rights on 26th June,2019. The Resource Person of the workshop were Mr. Siddhartha Devnath, Scientist-C, Planet Information Centre, ASTEC and Dr. Romesh Chandra Borpatra Gohain, learned...

Career Orientation Programme

‘In Search of a Career’ – A talk was organised by IQAC and Entrepreneurship Development Cell of the College on 12th March, 2019. The talk was delivered by Prof. Hemanta Kr. Sarmah, Department of Mathematics, Gauhati University.

International Mother Language Day Celebration

International Mother Language Day was celebrated at Arya Vidyapeeth College on 21st February with a day long programme. The programme was organised by Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college in collaboration with Pandit Giridhar Sharma Memorial Trust. To mark the...