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Arya Vidyapeeth College was established in 1958 in the erstwhile backward locality of Guwahati, namely Sarabbhatti. The founding fathers envisioned a chain of institutions under the name Arya Vidyapeeth to make education accessible from primary to the post graduate level for all, particularly sthe underprivileged of the society. Since its inception, Arya Vidyappeeth College has been catering higher education to students from the entire North-eastern India region. Besides regular academic transactions, the college has been relentlessly involved in bringing about positive changes to the society at large. As a part of its societal commitment/responsibilities, the college has played a leadership role in various areas that requires guidance and direction. In furthering the vision of social inclusiveness, the College has a very student friendly admission process to make education accessible for all. The College does not fix any cut-off marks during the time of admission. The sole aim of keeping the cut-off marks open is to democratise the whole admission process and enable every aspiring students. Best efforts are made to accommodate maximum number of students. A gradual increase in the student intake in the last three years proves that point.

Moreover, an analysis of the input-output records shows a consistent output at higher stratum from a comparatively lower stratum input. As the college is committed towards promoting dynamism in education, the IQAC suggested to institute an institutional research grant to encourage faculty members for research activities. Accordingly, the College instituted an Institutional Research Grant in 2019. The Academic and Research Cell of the College issues the grant to faculties from different streams annually. The aim of the programme is to give momentum to research activities and to contribute in knowledge formation.