Motivational talk on “Attitude Skills for Success at Workplace and Life”

A motivational talk on “Attitude Skills for success at workplace and life” was organized by IQAC, Arya Vidyapeeth College for the office staff of the college on the 10th of March, 2022. The resource person for the programme was Ms Tribenee Bhattacharyya, NLP Psychotherapist and also the founder of Optimista Learning Hub.

The programme was well attended by the entire office staff of the college. The programme taught the participants how to develop a positive attitude for success.

The right attitude is very important for various aspects of organizational performances. When one has a right attitude it impacts his/her job performance, customer service and support, team spirit etc.

The resource person covered topics like understanding attitude, how to recognize the importance of attitude, checking the way one thinks, developing a “Yes I can” attitude, recognizing achievement and so on.

The talk aimed at improving workplace morale and also to improve the performance of the office staff. The talk was an interactive one and the participants developed an awareness and a genuine understanding of a positive approach. The programme helped the participants to discover new ways of thinking and also taught them to use their thinking processes to maximize their ability to succeed.


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