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Procedures and policies for maintaining physical, academic and support facilities:

Physical and support facilities:

  1. The college has a large campus comprising of Academic, Residential and Sports complex.
  2. The academic campus has several buildings which are used for classrooms, laboratories, libraries along with administrative offices. Similarly, residential complex has two hostels- one each for boys’ and girls’ along with a Primary Health Centre.
  3. The college has a Construction Committee duly constituted by the Governing body of the College. The Committee looks after the construction work during construction of new buildings. The Principal follows the Government procedures and takes necessary approval from the Governing Body and other Government Agencies for execution.
  4. The college has outsourced manpower from the third party for day-to-day cleaning of the college campus.
  5. A Hostel Committee is formed for development and maintenance of the Hostels. Hostel committee’s suggestions are placed before the Principal for needful action.
  6. The Primary Heath Center is run by the Government under the scheme of National Health Mission.
  7. A Playground Development Committee has been formed for the development and maintenance of the playground. Suggestions put forward by the committee are implemented by the Principal subject to the approval of the College Governing Body.
  8. The College Canteen is outsourced to the third party.
  9. The Principal forms various Committees, Clubs and Cells whenever and wherever required for maintaining physical and support facilities.

Academic facilities:

  1. The highest Academic Body of the College is the Committee of the Head of the Departments chaired by the Principal. All kind of academic matters is approved by the said Committee.
  2. The Departmental Action Committee (DAC) deals with the Academic and other activities related to the department itself. The DAC is headed by the Head of the concerned Department.
  3. IQAC gives needful suggestions for overall improvement of the Academics of the College.
  4. For the smooth functioning of the Examination and Evaluation system, an Examination Committee is formed, headed by the Principal.
  5. The Central library is completely automated, digitally controlled and fully equipped to deal with the demands of the students and teachers. There is a Library committee for the development and maintenance of the library.