21st Giridhar Sarma Memorial Lecture to be held on 17th June, 2017

Elegy to a great Academician and Founder of Arya Vidyapeeth family

India had a glorious past with a very rich and resourceful civilization and culture. But over the decades and with the foray of the British into the political scenario of India, the Indian economy was in the doldrums , there was political instability and country was plunged into a vortex of superstitions and evil practices. However the only silver lining in an otherwise dreary atmosphere was the attempt on the part of the raj to spread western education. Various attempts were made in different parts of the country to establish educational schools and colleges since education was the only means to lead the people towards light.
Assam the northern part of India was no was no better. Assam too had her share of ups and down. But with the advent of the 21st century a new era of development was heralded for post colonial India. With the development of science and technology and the spread of education a new dawn has emerged. The torch bearer in this respect emerged in Assam in the form of Late Giridhar Sarma who was born on 29th of July 1912 in Kakaya Village of the present Nalbari District of Lower Assam.

Late Giridhar Sarma an academician, an educationist and a noted literature per excellence had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a penchant to disseminate the same in the society. Hence he conceived and nurtured a dream of building a college that would cater to the needs of higher education in the society .It was the brain child of late Giridhar Sarma to built a college and proliferate knowledge in an area pre-dominated by the under privileged section of the society. The area called Sarab Bhattti where the college is located itself speaks volumes of his desires. The task was a hazardous one. The route to be traversed was definitely not a bed of roses all the way. But it was his determination, sheer grit, and tenacity along with the untiring support of various luminaries like Mohandra Mohan Choudhury, Sarat Chandra Goswami, to name a few that saw the birth of Arya Vidyapeeth College on 29th July 1958.The date stands out as a red letter day in the annals of the history of this college as the foundation stone was laid on that day, a long cherished dream finally turning into a reality, and he became the founder principal of the college and continued to hold that position till the cruel hands of death snatched him away from our midst on 10th of May1978.

Decades have gone by, but even today the edifice of the college stands on the four golden principles of self dedication, discipline, commitment, and sincerity, a legacy bequeath by the founder father and still being followed by the college as sacrosanct rules. The missionary zeal and fervor with which he had flagged off his dream project starting with an Assam Type house has since then progressed by leaps and bounds. The original Assam type building is being gradually replaced by RCC buildings. Digital class rooms, bio tech hub, well equipped labs, introduction of post graduate classes by some of the departments are the hall marks of progress, a sure sign that Arya Vidyapeeth is striding step by step alongside the rest of the country. As far as academic achievements of teachers and students are concerned Arya Vidyapeeth College is definitely a forerunner. Today Arya Vidyapeeth College stands out as the beckon of light, the center of excellence, fulfilling not only the academic aspirations and whishes of the local people of Assam but also transgressing the borders to quench the academic thirst of students comprising the seven states of North East India. Year after year innumerable students have enrolled in this college and they have returned home not only scaling new academic heights but also bringing accolades in various fields.
However time and tide waits for none and no man is immortal but through his work he lives behind his foot sprints in the sands of time.

As a mark of respect to the departed soul the AVCTU organized a memorial lecture in the year same year itself i.e. 1978. The lecture was delivered by noted academician Dr Mahaswer Neog, who spoke lucidly on a very relevant topic “The Vasnavite Movement and the Renaissance. Since then to commemorate the death anniversary of the great soul every year a memorial lecture is held where renowned personalities from different walks of life delivers a lecture which is of great educative value both to the teaching , non teaching staff as well as to the student community. The different personalities who have graced the occasions are (2) Nalini Dhar Bhattacharjee, (3) Satya Prasad Baruah, (4) Madeni Choudhury, (5) Dr Promod Ch Bhattacharjee, (6)Dr Kamalendu Dev Krori, (7) Dr Birendra Nath Dutta, (8) Dr Biswanarayan Shastri, (9) Poet Nilomoni Phukan, (10) Shynma Prasad Sarma, (11) Dr, Sailan Bharali, (12) Dr Sibnath Barman, (13) Atula Nanda Goswami, (14) Dr Lakhi Nanda Borah, (15) Dr Dinesh Ch Goswami, (16) Dr Debabra Sarma, (17) Dr Udayan Mishra, (18) Phandra Deb Choudhry, (19) Birandra Nath Dutta, (20) Amarjyoti Choudhury.

Today in tandem with the past the AVCTU has organized the 21st memorial lecture and we have amidst us renowned scientific inventor Udhab Bharali who is going to enlighten us on the utility and use of scientific inventions, and how his innovative inventions have eased the life of many.


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