16th Dr. G. Buzarbaruah Memorial Lecture

Report On 16th Dr. (Ms.) Gayatri Buzarbaruah Memorial Lecture Held On 10th March 2018 Department Of Geology Arya Vidyapeeth College

The 16th Dr. Gayatri Buzarbaruah Memorial Lecture was organised successfully by the Department of Geology, Arya Vidyapeeth College on 10th March, 2018 and was marked by the presence of many renowned geologists including Prof. Parag Phukon, Head, Department of Geological Sciences, Gauhati University. Other dignitaries who graced the occasion were Dr. M. Ahmed (Retired Professor, Gauhati University), Mr. Somnath Sharma (Director, GSI, Guwahati), Dr. A. D. Lahkar (Retired Vice Principal, Arya Vidyapeeth College), Dr. Santanu Sarma and Dr. Tamal Barma (Cotton University), Dr. Tulika Dey (NERIE, NCERT), Dr. Pranjit Hazarika and Dr. S. Mishra (Gauhati University) and, Dr. Manoj Ojha (IIT-Bombay). Miss Chandrima Saha of B.Sc. 6th semester hosted the ceremony.

The event was initiated with a welcome address delivered by Head of the Department, Dr. Hrishikesh Baruah. The centre of attraction of the ceremony was a lecture on the topic – “Climate of the Earth and Climate Change” delivered by Prof. Parag Phukon. Prof. Phukon enthralled everyone with his eloquent speech. Prof. M. Ahmed commented on Prof. Phukon’s speech that it was one of the best presentations on Climate Change he has attended so far. He also highlighted in his speech how recent technologies can be helpful in the study of Geology. In his speech, Mr. Somnath Sharma spoke about the groundwater problems of guwahati city.

Topics like awareness on climate change, effects of mega construction projects like ‘express highways on both the banks of Brahmaputra’ on climate and ecosystem, contribution of carbon by developed and developing countries, preference of Geology in other branches of science, inclusion of Geology as a mandatory subject in NCERT syllabus, etc were also discussed in the 16th G.B. Memorial Lecture.

Students from Department of Geology, Dimoria College were also present in the lecture. Mr. Manas Goswami of B.Sc. 6th Semester offered the vote of thanks.

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