A Report on an Interdisciplinary Talk held on 15.03.2021 and organised by the Department of English

An Interdisciplinary Talk was organised on 15.03.2021 by the Department of English, Arya Vidyapeeth College. The theme of the talk was “The Idea of Anarchism: Godwin, Gandhi and the Present Times” and it was delivered by Dr. Pankaj Jyoti Gogoi, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Arya Vidyapeeth College. The talk was attended by the students of English and Political Science Department, and faculty members of the English Department. The programme started with a welcome note by Dr. Madhulika Singh, HoD and Ms. Utjala Barman, Teacher-in-Charge of the talk. The speaker was felicitated with a fulam gamusa by a Semester III student of the Department.

The speaker talked on the idea of Anarchism, the school of thought which critique the authoritarian, hierarchical power of rule. The speaker highlighted how the fictional writings of Arupa Patingia, Hiren Gohain and songs of Bhupen Hazarika reflected the condemnation of the authoritarian rule. It was the enlightening of minds through scientific enquiry which led to the emergence of Emancipation discourse, Liberal discourse and Positivism. The speaker brought in his deliberation about William Godwin who nullified the institution of the state, social organization, social institution and emphasized on individualism. While speaking about M. K. Gandhi the speaker stated that Gandhi too nullified the state and had given importance on non-violence. The speaker also talked on Gandhi’s idea of Swaraj and Freedom in the context of ‘rule’.  He concluded his talk by stating the Gandhi’s statement that man should be politically, economically and individually self-sufficient and should have a tolerance for the difference.

The talk was followed by a lively interactive session where the students and the teachers actively participated. The talk came to an end with a vote of thanks by Ms. Anindita Langthasa.


Ms. Utjala Barman
Department of English
Arya Vidyapeeth College


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