Golpokatha organised by Arya Vidyapeeth College

Arya Vidyapeeth College (Autonomous) has organised Golpokatha, a unique programme intermingling story-telling with music on 27th January, 2023 at 3pm at Guru Nanak Auditorium in presence of a large audience to enhance the sense of creativity and cultivate love for literary and performing arts in the audience. Atanu Bhattacharyya and Mitali Dey, renowned story-teller and singer were invited as the resource persons for the programme. Dr. Gitanjali Hazarika welcomed the resource persons and the audience and addressed the historic and aesthetic traditions involved in the process of story-telling drawing examples from Western and indigenous traditions.

The first story entitled Raavi Par by Gulzar addressed the poignant nuances of the pain of partition the continent suffered through the moving tale of a mother’s agony and the second story, Ismat Chugtai’s famous creation Kafir too followed the narrative of difference and partition but ended on a happy note celebrating love and happiness. Jehirul Hussain’s Assamese story entitled Xoru Dhemali Bor Dhemali, the last narrative of the day addressed the contemporary concern of unrecognised violence in the context of children’s game playing. The symbolic overtone of ‘motherhood’ was the unifying factor in all the narratives and Mitali Dey rightly inaugurated the programme with the song ‘Ma Sunao Mujhe Woh Kahani, Jisme Raja Na Ho, Na Ho Rani’ highlighting the relevance of the art of story- telling infused with melodies to address the socio-political and cultural concerns in a meaningful way. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the engaging session infused with narration and music thereby making the programme a success.


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